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B&T Seal Coating is a family owned and operated asphalt management company since 1995. We are professionally qualified to satisfy all your asphalt needs including commercial parking lots, communities, apartment complexes, churches, and personal driveways. B&T is trained and experienced in the following:

Seal Coating

Regular asphalt sealer prevents damage from occurring and helps maintain the rich, black color of asphalt keeping it beautiful and new.

Hot Crack Filling

B&T will clear all debris from cracks with high-pressure air blowers and wire brushes and then apply rubberized crack filler to prevent further moisture penetration.

Line Striping and Parking Bumpers

B&T provides new striping layouts or renew strips. We also will handle the removal and installation of parking bumpers.

Asphalt Removal and Installation

B&T can add a one or two-inch cap of a new surface to cover your existing one or we can remove the existing surface and start all over with a binder and surface.

Concrete Work

B&T can provide you with beautiful looking concrete in finishes such as swirl broom, straight broom and exposed aggregate.

Call Us Today! (317) 736-8656

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